Diverter Or Cricket Designs

A cricket metal roof penetration flashing is designed and constructed to divert water around a penetration and to avoid ponding.
Either a diverter or a cricket flashing design is required to avoid the build-up of debris behind the back-curb of a square or rectangular penetration flashing. It has to comply with the manufacturer's warranty, and a 1.5° fall is the minimum considered to be self-cleaning.
If the roof pitch is at the minimum of 3°, it is necessary to increase it to provide the 1.5° fall to the back curb. The amount of increase will depend on which angle of cricket or diverter flashing is used. See Cricket Penetration Patterns.
The pitch of a valley, diverter or cricket flashing will always be less than the roof pitch, but the valley pitch depends on the angle of the valley to the roof. See Valley Gutters.


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