Repainting Painted Claddings

Repainting painted claddings should be regarded as part of the maintenance programme to extend the life of all metal claddings.
There is an optimum time at which to repaint claddings, and this decision should be made by the owner after specialist consultation.

It is also known as 'the life to first maintenance, ' and is the time before excessive chalking has taken place or the top coat weathered away.

Painted products can be readily over-painted with high-quality acrylic roof paints to extend the life of the roof cladding and if over-painting is carried out while the top coat is still in sound condition there is no need to use a primer.

To prepare the surface for painting all pre-painted products should have their surfaces abraded with a fine grit sandpaper, stiff nylon bristle broom or similar, to improve the adhesion. Care should be exercised not to sand through the existing paint surface on external bends.


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