Weathered Pre-Painted Cladding

Repainting painted cladding should be regarded as part of the maintenance programme to extend the life of all metal cladding. 

The optimal time to overpaint weathered pre-painted cladding is when the colour has faded excessively, or the topcoat has eroded to the point that the primer is becoming exposed. 

The gloss and weathering characteristics of oven-cured and air-dried paints are different, and over time a significant difference in colour may become apparent. Variations in natural light conditions will emphasise these differences producing unacceptable aesthetic variations. For this reason, the whole roof area should be painted and not patch-painted.

  • If the over-painting is carried out while the topcoat is still in sound condition, there is no need to use a primer.
  • Apply two coats of acrylic roofing paint in the selected colour to provide the paint thickness. (Typically two brush-applied coats achieve 50 µm ).
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