Fastener Installation

The correct depth setting on a screw gun is provided either by the depth gauge or by a clutch torque adjustment, and an adjustment should be made every time a different screw or material thickness is to be drilled. Resilient washers under fastener heads will only seal properly with the right adjustment.

Depth Setting

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Experienced operators can, in most instances, drive screws correctly by using a variable speed screw gun; however, a depth set gun will give more consistent results.

Type 17 screws driven into timber will 'part' the fibres rather than cutting them which provides a self-locking action against withdrawal. Screws driven completely through timber will, therefore, not have the same pull-out resistance as screws with embedded tips.

Impact drivers and poorly fitting nut drivers can both damage the protective coating on the screw head which will affect durability. It is the roofer’s responsibility to ensure the method of installing screws does not cause damage.

Screw points, method of driving, and thread design all have an impact on pull-out capacity; so in critical situations, the specific screw and method of installation must be specified.


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