Lockseamed Flashings

All lock-seamed flashings should be custom-made to suit the profile shape and the rib distance from the fascia with sufficient downturn on both sides to weather the junction. Lock-seamed flashings are made in two parts, the horizontal (part a) and the vertical (part b). Edges can be either crimped or lock-seamed, as shown in these drawings.


The vertical barge component (part b) can be cut to the curve and lock-seamed, with the horizontal component (part a) hooked and seamed jointed. (See Tools Of The Trade.)  The outside edge can be crimped as shown here, or hemmed.

Shallowly curved flashings can be folded straight in one piece and crimped on both edges. Fix the turn-down at the curved rib by “mini-crimping” or “gear-crimping”. 

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