2020 – March

The following updates to the NZ Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Code Practice (COP), are effective 1 March 2020.

This update contains only minor revisions, mostly concerning grammar and punctuation fixes.

Editing and rearrangement for clarity

  • Corrected "upstand angles" of valleys to 90°, removed "Upstand Angles" from Internal Valley Angle Table.
  • Replaced Comparison of 10-Minute Published Intensity with 1-Minute and 2-Minute Intensities-chart with a simplified chart only showing comparison for 10-year and 50-year ARI.

Revision Detail - 2020 - March

CategoryClause Number (at time of update)Clause (As of current publication)Details
2 - Editing and rearrangement1Introduction Update Revisions Message
1 - Minor Errata5.2Types of Gutter Easier to read layout options.
1 - Minor Errata5.2.1External Gutters (Spouting) Grammar fix.
1 - Minor Errata5.2.3Internal Gutters Grammar fix.
2 - Editing and rearrangement5.2.4.2Valley Design Removed references to "Upstand Angle B" and replaced drawing "Common Valley Shapes"
1 - Minor Errata5.2.4.6Asymmetrical Valleys Punctuation fix.
1 - Minor Errata5.3.1Rainwater Heads Punctuation fix.
1 - Minor Errata5.3.2Sumps Typo fix.
1 - Minor Errata5.4Outlets and Downpipes Punctuation fix.
1 - Minor Errata5.5.3Gutter Maintenance Minor Typo Fix.
1 - Minor Errata5.6.2Gutter Fall Typo fix.
1 - Minor Errata5.6.3.1Duration Replaced comparison chart with a simplified one.
1 - Minor Errata8.9.1Flashing Expansion Grammar fix.
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Revision Category: 
4 - Clause Inserted
Revision Detail: 

Summary of Changes – March 2020