B1.3.1 Building elements shall have a low probability of rupturing, becoming unstable, losing equilibrium or collapsing during construction or alteration, and throughout their lives.

B1.3.2 Building elements shall have a low probability of causing loss of amenity through undue deformation, vibratory response, degradation, or other physical characteristics throughout their lives.

B1.3.3 Account shall be taken of all physical conditions likely to affect the stability of building elements including:

  1. Self-weight.
  2. Imposed gravity loads arising from use.
  3. Temperature.
  4. Earth pressure.
  5. Water and other liquids.
  6. Snow.
  7. Wind.
  8. Fire impact.
  9. Differential movement.
  10. Influence of equipment services and non-structural elements.
  11. Time dependant effects including creep and shrinkage.

B1.3.4 Due allowance shall be made for

  • the consequences of failure,
  • the intended use of the building,
  • effects of construction activities,
  • variation in the properties of materials, and
  • accuracy limitations inherent in the methods used to predict the stability of building elements
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