New Export Business Development Manager

New Export Business Development Manager

In 2012 the Ross family (Metrotile) launched their new Tilcor business to target metal tile growth opportunities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Tilcor will source its metal tiles from the Metrotile manufacturing plant in Takanini, New Zealand.

To launch the Tilcor business Cameron Ross and his family moving to Dubai in August 2012.

Cameron will be returning to New Zealand in July 2012 and is pleased to announce the February 2013 appointment of Matthew Day, as Tilcor Export Business Development Manager, responsible for Africa and the Middle East.

Matthew and his wife Tracey, along with their 2 young children, have been living in Dubai for 2 years and will continue to reside there.

Matthew is a qualified Architectural Designer and has worked as a Precut Frame and Truss Detailer, a Mitek Truss Designer and Software Trainer and a Pryda Regional Sales Manager.