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Where plant room supports are required to penetrate the roof cladding, the designer should provide the support framing from Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) in preference to Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS) or other hot rolled steel sections, because it is easy to flash the CRS with E.P.D.M. flashings. This procedure allows the E.P.D.M. flashings to be slid over the pipe framing during erection, and avoid the necessity of using retrofitting types.

The support framing should be in place, but below the top of the purlin, before installing the roof cladding. That allows the cladding installation to proceed without having to weatherproof multiple penetrations at the same time.

Support Framing

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Proprietary support systems are available for lightweight support through to the purlins.


These types of supports provide clearance for cleaning but should not create an unwashed area underneath them.




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