Metrotile The Perfect Solution

The Bardell’s, from Dannemora in Auckland, had installed an Asphalt Shingle roof on their new home and after 8 years were becoming increasingly frustrated by the asphalt tiles failing, lifting from the roof, and ending up in their gutters and garden. After 8 years, as a result of the lifting shingles, they were no
longer confident that their Asphalt Shingle roof would remain watertight over the longer term.

Following a visit to the Metrotile Stand, at the Auckland Home Show in 2010, the Bardell’s decided to contract SH Roofing to install the Metrotile Shingle tile over the original Asphalt Shingles in February 2012.

At the time the Bardell’s were looking for a low profile, low maintenance roofing product, which could be installed on a “no fuss” basis and would compliment the existing style of their home. A home the Bartell’s were passionate about having designed it themselves as a result of their travels in North America.

However they didn’t know where to start until they visited the Auckland Home Show. Several factors influenced their decision to use the Metrotile Shingle profile. The first being the replacement product had to compliment the original style of the house and the low profile of the existing Asphalt Shingle roof.

The Metrotile Shingle profile is unique in the New Zealand market as it is the lowest profile pressed metal tile available. The Metrotile Shingle tile was originally developed by Metrotile in the Unites States to target Asphalt Shingle reroof opportunities and utilizes a unique “clip lock” installation system. As a result there are no exposed fastenings and the nose of the Metrotile Shingle tile is only 10mm’s high which results in a very flat profile. The flat profile of the Metrotile Shingle tile is complimented by its Low Profile Ridge Trim which fully replicates the look of Asphalt Shingles.

In addition the Metrotile Shingle tiles have a natural stone textured finish that provides for a low glare roof, which does not adversely effect neighbouring homes in the area.

After the Bardell’s experiences, with their original Asphalt Shingle roof, maintenance and longevity was a priority. Their home is built in a high wind, high sunlight location and they needed a product that could “last the distance” and would be supported by the Manufacturer. The fact that the Metrotile Shingle tile is manufactured in New Zealand by an established family owned business was imperative. The 50 year prorata Weather Proof warranty and 20 year pro-rata Surface Coating Warranty was an added bonus and helped validate their decision.

Whilst not needing to collect potable water from the roof the Bardell’s were interested to hear that potable water could be collected from their Metrotile Shingle roof, which is not the case with all light weight shingle substrates, some of which include or have historically included bitumen and asbestos in the manufacturing process. There is an increasing environmental awareness in New Zealand of the opportunity to harvest water, rather than waste it. In many instances having the choice is important to home owners.

The re-roof of the Bardell house was a relatively complex and highly visible project that involved liaison with “torch on” and builder subtrades. In addition to the roofing, the installation of custom flashings on multiple sky lights, which are a feature of their home, required considerable planning and skill in
execution. It was important to the Bardell family that they secured the services of a competent and professional roofing company.

Scott Harris from SH Roofing was referred to the Bardell’s by Metrotile. SH Roofing is an independent specialist roofing company who are based in South Auckland and service the Greater Auckland market with longrun and metal tiles. Scott Harris, the principal of SH Roofing has been roofing for 20 years and has owned his own roofing company for 15 years. Scott has actively worked with Metrotile in the trialing of their new products and profiles and specializes in high end metal tile roof installations. SH Roofing is one of the few Roofing Companies in Auckland that can quickly and expertly install the Metrotile Shingle tile. Scott’s expertise was put to the test in roofing the Bardell home which is a particularly steep, complex and highly visible feature roof.

The installation process involved laying building paper over the existing Asphalt Shingles and screwing the Metrotile Shingles directly onto the ply. Aside from the scaffolding of their property the reroofing of their house did not impact on the Bardell family.

The finished result looks stunning and as on many new and re-roof projects throughout the country the unique Metrotile Shingle profile gives the low, flat look that so many home owners and designers strive to achieve. The Metrotile Shingle is the only metal tile alternative in New Zealand that can achieve the look of asphalt and avoids the expense and problems experienced by the Bardell’s.

In addition to looking great the Metrotile Shingle is low maintenance, comes in a range of natural stone colours, has an excellent warranty, is classified as a lightweight building specification, has been tested in extreme weather, is approved in coastal environments and is manufactured by a company that stands by its products.

Roof Installer: SH Roofing Ltd

Roofer: Scott Harris
Telephone: 021 424 542

Roofing Manufacturer: Metrotile Roofing Systems
Telephone: 09 299 9498

Product Details;

Tile: Metrotile Shingle
Finish: Textured
Colour: Charcoal