A brand which has become a household name in New Zealand   reflecting quality of design, unique interlocking natural timber and fine craftsmanship.

The Lockwood inter-locking building system was invented over 50 years ago by Jo La Grouw Snr. The unique interlocking device, which remains at the core of the system, has undergone continued research and development and is now proven and recognised for quality, durability and lifetime value.

In 1983 a sister company, Initial Homes, was launched offering consumers many of the benefits of Lockwood design with additional options in cladding, roof trusses and kitset formats.

In April 2003 Lockwood and Initial Homes merged under the  Lockwood umbrella. This move brings both home buying options together, simplifying marketing and giving consumers the widest possible selection from their 27 franchise builders throughout New Zealand.
The clean simple architectural lines of Lockwood coupled with the  natural beauty of timber and  promise of low maintenance has always had an appeal to home owners.

“There is a synergy between   lightweight metal roofing products and Lockwood home design,” says Kerry Treloar of Lockwood. “The style of modern homes today features long spans with large glazed areas. This impacts not only on the aesthetic appeal of the exterior of the home but also plays a vital role in shaping the interior design. The design flexibility offered by lightweight roofing materials allows large, open uncluttered timber ceilings and large panoramic window openings which would otherwise prove difficult to achieve without considerable additional costs.”

The large range of colour, texture and form offered by lightweight metal roofing is also considered a “big plus” by Lockwood designers, colour co-ordinators and home owners alike.

Lockwood offer their customers a wide range of roofing options in longrun, tiles, shakes and shingles. Pictured here are examples of applications from commercial to the Lockwood “Lifestyle” series.

Lockwood have a variety of homes  and plans available. To contact Lockwood in you area please visit our website.