The Gerard Design Awards Reward Designers, Builders And Home Owners

In 2001 Gerard Roofs implemented their awards program. Five years later the program continues to grow with entries coming from every sector from North and South Islands of New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Islands.“The success of the program is, in part, due to the equal recognition of the three primary participants,” says Grant Williams, Business Development Manager for Gerard Roofs.“Whilst we never under estimate design skills we see the synergy between designer, owner and builder as an integral part of attaining excellence. A big plus, there’s no cost to enter and everyone involved wins the same travel pack as first prize.”

The program is divided into several categories giving opportunity to both new home design (under $250,000 and over $250,000) renovation and commercial. The only prerequisite is that the building must have used one of the Gerard roofing products. The product and colour range is extensive and allows considerable scope for creative flare from traditional tile to shakes and shingles. All options can be viewed on the Gerard website at
which provides home owners and designers with specific product information. (details on page 21)

From all the entries received finalists are chosen and the supreme winner is judged from these. Judging is impartial and done by a range of industry experts.

Who wins?

There are 3 categories which gives different types of building projects a fair chance of winning.
Each rewards different participants.

  • New Homes enter for the Supreme Winner Award. The Designer, Builder and Owners each receive the travel prize.
  • Refurbishment and renovation.
  • The home owner is awarded the travel prize.
  • Commercial. The architect is awarded the travel prize.

What is the prize? 
The prize for the home voted The Supreme Winner is three travel packs each to the value of $2000.00. 
For refurbishment the owner receives the travel pack of $2000.00
In commercial the architect receives the travel pack of $2000.00.
To make the prize option as flexible as possible Gerard contribute this towards any travel destination of your choice within a 12 month period of winning the award.

Who can enter?

Anyone involved in the design, planning, building or ownership of the home or building can enter. As part of the entry condition Gerard Roofs retains the right to take and publish photographs of the completed building which requires the written consent of the owner.

The value of being seen.
The Gerard Design Award program was established to achieve two primary objectives:

1. As a marketing tool to illustrate that a Gerard Roof choice was appropriate to a very wide range of  design from an aesthetic and functional perspective.

2. To give recognition to those architects, designers and home owners who chose to use these products.

Where ever possible Gerard Roofs promotes excellence in design and those who contribute towards the end result. It is difficult to quantify the value of being seen, the alternative is being invisible. Our recognition of excellence is designed to promote those who are proud of their product and is not limited to those who are winners of awards but to all of the outstanding projects entered.

How to enter.
To enter you need only supply reasonable photographs, which best illustrate the design and home features, and a brief design summary. Gerard have a specific entry form, which simplifies the details required, and that is available from all distributors, from their website ( ), by emailing or calling 0800 104 868.