An Expression Of Technology In The New Millennium.

George Paterson, of Dodd Paterson+Bukowski Rehm Limited, was instrumental in bringing together the founding members who now form the Millennium Institute of Sport and Health. The excellent result, which brings many benefits to the community, was a balance between realising the committee’s dreams and the fiscal realities of this significant project.

The Millennium Institute of Sport and Health evolved from the bringing together of the various parties that now form the founding clubs that operate the Complex. In his role as Chair of the Rangitoto College Board of Trustees, George Paterson was pivotal in introducing the parties and connecting the need for further athletic development at the Stadium with the school’s desire to have access to a significant swimming pool. Over time this group consolidated its brief, identified land opportunity and commenced a process of procurement toward the now complete complex.

A project of this magnitude which arose from a community base took time to circumvent a variety of obstacles. However in the year 2000 a contract was let for the building.

The design of the building, being dependent on substantial donor contributions, had to be fiscally contained, whilst exuding the impression of quality symbolic of the high level performance and achievement at an international level. All the facilities were based on international standards and as far as possible, the latest techniques in regard to environmental control. This is illustrated with the wet and corrosive atmosphere of a large heated pool situated alongside a spartan sports hall facility. The working committee of the Trust actively participated in the design development process, contributing with decisions that balanced the dreams with the financial reality.

The building design recognises the four principal functions of the operation.

  •  A pool hall for a 50m x 25m pool fully suited for swim meets, water polo to international competition level and other uses,
  •  A sports hall with a 60m indoor track including provision for pole vaulting to international levels, basketball courts, weight lifting, fitness centre, climbing wall and a sports science and biomechanical assessment area.
  •  An administration area including all amenities for the various sports, sport medicine facilities, restaurant, meeting and conference facilities.
  •  A connection to the Sovereign stadium with some grandstand accommodation and easy access to the facility for all athletes.

As designers, Dodd Paterson + Bukowski Rehm, kept these elements of the building expressed externally and then carefully used simple and appropriate material selections. This gave the building an elegant metallic facade that expressed a level of technology associated with high performance reflecting the sport that would take place within the building. The principle facade material is Zinculume® but with some selected areas in a ColorCote®   ZR8 HABITATS Dark Grey. The precision of the metallic detailing is carried into the window fenestration and the insertion of louvers to fulfil the various ventilation needs relative to the space usage.

The image projected by the design, in the architects view, has created a visual impact that belies its cost. The building was designed to be multipurpose however many of its current uses are considerably more sophisticated than what was briefed and budgeted for, but the building is adapting well.

Dodd Paterson + Bukowski Rehm  Architects, are delighted with the building outcome and note the benefits it is bringing to the community.

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