Designing A Lifestyle

Having a wealth of experience in both design and building Wayne Bishop embarked on the design and development of a lifetime...creating, designing and building an entire lifestyle environment.
A huge project, not to just design the subdivision but to design and build every home in what was to become Western Rise.

The original 90 acre block has been designed to create 30 individual sites providing the owners with the space and opportunity for a private, rural pursue their individual interests be it horses and animals, landscape design or small scale agriculture.

Whilst the location is only 5 minutes drive from the Levin town centre considerable attention was given to the size of each block and the location of each home to ensure that Western Rise did not reflect a suburban subdivision. In Wayne’s words,”I did not want the town to come to the country with a row of similar homes that all looked the same“.

Wayne is the first to admit that creating 30 homes that will be situated in the same area, and achieving a different style for each, is no easy task. Much of the influence has come from researching magazines, visiting sub-divisions and country estates. The primary objective was to create homes that reflected the rural landscape.

Most of the homes are around 260 to 300 square meters and use a variety of external claddings and roofing profiles. From a design perspective Wayne’s personal preferences lean towards tiles, shakes and shingles that assist in achieving the “manor” concept.”The roof design”, as Wayne points out, “ sets the style for any residential building.”

As designer and builder Wayne has an appreciation of the design benefits that lightweight roofing materials offer and in the Gerard range of profiles he found the diversity of profiles he needed. As the development progressed it became increasingly difficult to source new and fresh ideas. “It is about keeping your eyes and ears open.” says Wayne.

Designer: Wayne Bishop
Ohau Levin
Telephone: 06 368 1859


Building Contractor:
Wayne Bishop Builder Ltd.
Telephone: 06 368 1859

Roofing Manufacturer:
Gerard Roofs
Telephone: Phone: 0800 104 868
Profiles: Gerard CoronaShake
Gerard Senator Shingle

Roofing Installer: Chris Burgess
Reliable Roofing Ltd
Telephone: 0800 106 449