Secret Fixing Clips

A secret-fix clip is an individual metal component installed at predetermined locations along the edge of a metal roof panel or behind the leading edge of a flashing.

Clips, cleats, and fasteners are the components that secure metal panels, accessories and flashings to the substrate or another metal component.

They should be compatible with the cladding metal and be capable of resisting the design wind loads; particularly around the periphery of the building where the uplift loads can be up to twice as much as at the body of the roof. To allow for expansion on long length flashings, the clip fixing which secures the flashing should not restrain it lengthwise.

Pull-out resistance and the ability of a fastener to hold a clip in place is a function of the type, length, and shank diameter of the fastener, and of the density or strength of the substrate material. The pull-over resistance of the metal clip depends on the diameter of the head of the fastener, the thickness of the clip, and the grade and type of the metal being secured.

Both pull-out and pull-over resistance are critical values in selecting correct fasteners for clips. Clips should be made from a grade and thickness of metal at least equal to the cladding thickness, but the COP recommends they are made from heavier metal than the cladding.

All fixing clips should be a minimum width of 30 mm, spaced at distances derived from Load/Clip Spacing and fastened with two fasteners. Smooth shank nails should not be used and are not acceptable. Only enhanced shank nails should be used.

Clips that are used with long spanning profiles can be interlocked in a run sheets, thereby controlling the sheet creep and avoiding an increase in cover width that can occur using single or double clips.

Screw fasteners used to fix self-supporting cladding clips should comply with the design wind load requirements.

Clips that in very severe environments should be coated with a corrosion resistant paint system

Secret Clips

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