Soldered Joints

Lapped joints used with galvanised steel and non-ferrous metals (excluding aluminium) can be soldered with lead/tin solder. The joint should be clean, free of grease, and should be fluxed immediately after cleaning with a suitable proprietary flux. In the absense of a propietary flux, these would be suitable:
  • GALVANISED STEEL – Diluted hydrochloric acid (HCl Spirits of Salts), Muriatic Acid (a 1:3 dilution of HCl)
  • ZINC/COPPER/BRASS – Zinc Chloride H C l killed with zinc (Killed Spirits)
  • STAINLESS STEEL – Phosphoric Acid

The joint should be made with mechanical fasteners at 50 mm centres using rivets, screws and lapped 25 mm in the direction of water flow. A locked seam does not have to be mechanically fastened.

The joint should be completely sweated to avoid leaving any flux residue in the joint—preferably using a eutectic solder of 60% Tin and 40% Lead. (See Handling.) After completion the joint should be thoroughly washed with water to remove all traces of flux.


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