Vented Fillers


To comply with the durability provisions of the NZBC, passive ventilation of metal cladding profiles at the eave is necessary for the removal of condensation or moisture.
Perforated metal or mesh closures can be used . Alternatively the profile closure should be cut back and punched or notched to allow air movement ; or the closures should be omitted altogether. (see drawing 5.7.A.) In order for the breather underlay to fulfil its intended function of conveying any condensate from the roof cladding to the gutter, the closures should either be fitted in such a way that moisture can drain to the gutter unimpeded or they should be omitted.
When closures are fitted between ridging and sheeting, the ends should be butt-jointed over the profile crowns to minimize the entry of wind-blown rain and , for the same reason, ventilated ridge closures should be fitted with their openings uppermost.

Closures should be set back by a minimum of 50 mm to discourage attention from birds, although the ingress of birds can also be prevented by screw fastening every rib of profiled metal cladding at the first purlin.

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