Colour Matching Paint

Colour match paint is designed for matching accessories to the pre-painted material; it is not designed for repairing marks or blemishes. The term touch-up paint should never be used. Fasteners and accessories requiring colour matching should be painted before installation.

Air-dried paints used to disguise marks weather at a rate different from that of pre-painted material, sometimes dramatically so, and will often become more apparent than the mark they are intended to disguise. Minor scratches are best left alone, and they will not affect the performance of the pre-painted product due to the self-healing qualities of the primer and metallic coating. They become less evident as the coating weathers.

Minor scratches may be described as scratches that do not extend to the metallic coating, are less than 3 mm in width, and are not visually noticeable from a distance of 3 m. This characterisation will, however, vary with the concentration of the scratches, and the visibility of the area affected.

Extensive coating damage to any pre-painted steel product can only be rectified by replacement or repainting of the affected sheets.




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