COP v3.0:trash; organic-coatings

18.8 Organic Coatings 

Paint protects metal roof and wall cladding from environmental deterioration and improves its appearance. . P aint can be either factory or field-applied , but t his section covers only factory applied systems . F or information on field applied coatings , 15.8 Overpainting

Painted coatings on a steel substrate that are coated with a metallic coating and then continuously paint ed and oven cured are known as pre-painted or coil coated. Following pre-treatment, a corrosion inhibiting primer and top-coat is applied to the out side surface and a primer coat and/or a backer coat is applied to the reverse side. This process is continuous and provides for a quality of paint finish not equalled by any other process. (see drawing 2.2.7.)

Prepainted Zinc and Zinc/Aluminium coated steel and Aluminium

18.8.1 Compatibility 

Materials comprising the building envelope, although required to meet particular design criteria, should not be considered in isolation.