COP v3.0:structural-testing; standards-standards-and-cop-testing-standard

17.1 Standards: AS Standards and COP Testing Standard 

There is no specific New Zealand Standard for testing sheet roof and wall cladding. The MRM standard is broadly based on the Australian Standards AS 1562.1:2018 and the AS 4040 series. These Standards are inter-related; AS 1562.1 sets out the performance requirements to be achieved using the test methodology of AS 4040.

The MRM standard differs from the above standards in some significant aspects.

17.1.1 UDL Load Testing Standard 

AS 1562.1 defines serviceability failure as a level of deflection under load.

In the COP standard, deflection testing is normative for wall cladding and informative for roof cladding.  Additionally, the COP standard defines serviceability failure of pierce fastened roofing as permanent deformation, when permanent distortion or splitting occurs around the fastener head.  The load at which permanent distortion occurs around the fastener head is defined as serviceability failure and the roof can still resist greater loads, but the damage would affect weather tightness.






The COP standard does not require cyclic testing, but this can be done if required for other legislations and cyclonic areas.

17.1.2 Point Load Testing Standard 

AS 1562.1 tests point load only in the path of traffic specified by the manufacturer; i.e., the pans of the profile, and across 2 ribs on narrow profiles.

The COP tests both in the pan (or two ribs) and a single rib, the latter being the less resistant to load.  This is to assess the profile strength when laypeople or careless roof traffic fail to adhere to manufacturers' recommendations.