Apron Or Abutment


Where the panel terminates at a wall, there are many different details some of which are similar to those required at the ridge.


Aprons and flashings to walls and upstands should consist of an independent, preformed strip of metal of not more than 1.8 m in length, welted to the roof sheet or cover flashed to give a minimum 100 mm cover to the vertical upstand.

Where a standing seam meets an abutment, the standing seam can be finished as for profiled metal roof cladding with an apron or the end of the seam can be flattened to facilitate folding the metal to form the upstand.

At the highest point of the roll, where it meets an abutment, the sheet is dog-eared to form a corner, and the upstands are welted to the capping and cover flashing. See Standing Seam Abutment/Apron.

Where an apron abuts a block or brick wall, the cover flashing should be folded a minimum of 25 mm into the wall chase with a 10 mm hook wedged into the chase and pointed with a flexible sealant or cement. All free edges should be stiffened as described in Flashings and when retained within a cleat the edge should be free to provide expansion. See Flashing Edges.


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